Scriptura Document Flow — Process Automation

Managing the myriad of different output processes within the organisation and across the business units can be a complex task.

Scriptura Engage includes an intuitive, visual, and effcient process designer to create and manage your communication process.

Visual Process Designer

An intuitive drag-and-drop design environment allows users to design output processes without programming. The design process covers all the steps from the initial process trigger: data processng and converting, the merging of data and document templates, and the business logic to creating specific output streams for email, print, archive, SMS, online and such.

Flexible and Extensible

You can extend the out-of-the-box functionality by adding custom steps written in Java. You can also integrate 3rd party applications.

Scriptura Engage uses open standards like XSL-FO, XML, HTML; and the Scriptura Designer application is based on the OSGI framework and Eclipse providing a rich development environment.

Communication Management

Even the smallest hiccup can have an impact on your operations and customer experience. To handle this, it is possible to create fallback scenarios, like sending an invoice on paper when the email address provided is invalid.

Failing document flows can be configured to call another flow, emailing system administrators.

Leverage The Legacy

Integrate and combine data from virtually any other system into your templates. You can add as many different data sources as needed. You can use a simple graphical interface to insert data fields.

Using Scriptura Document Flow, you can even transform legacy data into new formats, ready to use in Scriptura Templates. Create custom plugins to support your own formats and logic.

Scriptura Document Flow Features

  • Use business rules and runtime runtime variables to branch off and perform different tasks for different customers.
  • With Scriptura's use of open standards you can easily integrate with 3rd party applications and data.
  • Execute post-processing activities like sorting, bundling, grouping, and more. Easily add text, images and barcodes to documents for mailhouse sorting or filing.
  • Compose output in different formats like PDF, PCL, AFP, HTML, JPG and many more.
  • Based on Eclipse/OSGi Framework, you can install third-party extensions to the Designer such as oXygen XML or other document previewing.

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