Scriptura Engage Designer

Historically, statements, invoices, letters, and other communications are generated by complex, single-use programs or a mix of document technologies.

Simple updates can take weeks and could be fragile with a mix of technologies.

Scriptura Engage Designer allows business users to design complex templates, improving reliability and reducing time to market.

Increased Productivity

The Scriptura Designer provides an intuitive, what-you-see-is-what-you-get design interface. Users design output templates defining conditional logic and production characteristics without programming experience. Content and styles can be shared across many different templates.

Using the preview mode, users can prototype, review and then modify templates immediately - avoiding lengthy waits for printed output. This significantly reduces design time and increases efficiency.

Business users can now make changes to a template and without IT involvement, and in hours instead of weeks.

Less to Maintain.

With features like reusable objects, stylesheets, dynamic objects and conditional display, the total number of templates can be reduced - up to 70% by some customer's indications.

With reusable objects and styles shared between multiple templates, updating branding becomes a simple change.

Better Customer Experience

Make your communications easier to read and more inviting with dynamically populated charts, colour-coded figures, and dynamic images.

You can even use scripting and math processing to create custom graphics at runtime or targeted, personalised messages.

Scriptura Designer Features

  • Easily encode data in a myriad variety of barcode formats: EAN13, QR, Data Matrix and many more.
  • Add Column, Bar, Pie and other charts using a simple wizard and control colours, labels, titles.
  • Control over page layouts, page numbering sequence allows you to easily add left and right facing pages in professional documents.
  • Content can easily expand and contract to fit the document width.
  • Share content and styles between templates for easy maintenance and branding.
  • Add custom JavaScript and XSL scripts for logic and output unique to your needs.
  • Based in Eclipse/OSGi Framework, you can install third-party extensions to the Deigner such as oXygen XML or other document previewing.

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