Scriptura Engage

Transform your customer communication and engagement with dynamic, tailored, multi-channel communications platform.

Scriptura Engage is a comprehensive software package including a number of servers, client applications, and end-user technologies.

Use the Scriptura Desktop Designer for document template and workflow design.

Scriptura Engage includes cross-platform servers for rendering documents, maintaining Scriptura environments, and web hosting.

Use handy web portals for maintenance of communication scenarios and server config.

Design With Ease

The Scriptura Designer provides an intuitive, design interface similar to desktop publishing programs. The content can be resized, repositioned and updated on the fly, and dynamic content such as charts and barcodes can also be inserted using wizard interfaces. Scriptura supports many kinds of dynamic content including tables, charts, barcodes, form fields and more. Output can be dynamically styled to match brand guidelines.

See more about Scriptura Designer.

Manage Document Workflow

Using document flows you can graphically design the lifecycle of a document beginning with data input, performing advanced post processing on the resultant pages and ending with the final output of a document to a file (such as PDF) or printer.

With Scriptura Document Flows business users themselves can automate the steps a document goes through (like splitting pages or adding barcodes) with only minimal IT personnel involvement.

Without programming, users have access to a myriad of steps and options such as: adding images and text, grouping pages, merging PDF files and saving the output to servers.

See more about process management with Scriptura Document Flow.

Overall Features & Technology

Scriptura is a high-performance enterprise document personalisation solution that combines document creation, output production, multi-channel delivery and web application development in one easy-to-use software suite.

Scriptura is based on W3C open standards and supports over 15 output formats including PDF, AFP, PostScript, PCL, RTF, HTML, XML, ZPL, JPG, PNG, TIFF, XSLT, XSL-FO, Paged XSL-FO.

Scriptura Forms: Easily process dynamic, intelligent forms. A wide array of form controls such as checkboxes, input fields, rich text paragraphs and action buttons can be used to design and process any type of intelligent form.

Scriptura has many options for customisation and is extensible as it is built on the OSGi framework.

Scriptura Document Flow: Graphically design the lifecycle of a document from data trigger, document rendering, output post-processing, multi-channel delivery.

See Inventive Designer's Scriptura Engage website for more information.

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We have a few whitepapers, media, and case studies related to Scriptura and customer communication.


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